I Love My: Pressure Cooker

Love Life and Lollipops- Pressure Cooker

I love my new pressure cooker.  It's perfect for making macro vegan meals! So, after months of indecision on the whole pressure cooker thing and what it could really do for me and my kitchen, I decided to make the purchase and I'm SO glad I did!

I surfed over to William-Sonoma to check out what they had as a selection, fearing they wouldn't have anything at all and I'd find that pressure cookers are a thing of the 70's and I'd never get to try one out.  Luckily I was way off!  They had a handful of options and so my research started.

First question was stovetop or electric.  It was a hard choice, but I opted for electric in the end because the timer and automatic pressure release made it an awesome option for someone with a small person grabbing at your legs while in the kitchen like myself.  I wound up buying this one.  I can literally fill it up, turn it to the right setting, and walk away til dinner!  It also has a simmer and brown option, so you can start the cooking before you start pressuring.

And though it takes up just a bit too much space on my countertop, I'm using it regularly and so it's totally worth it!  I've made some amazing bean and rice dishes supereasy and superhealthy...perfect dinners for this fall weather.

I made these beans in my pressure cooker, for example:

I used my pressure cooker to make these vegan adzuki beans.