I Learn Something New Everyday: BPA's Are Hiding In Our Canned Foods

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Ok, so yesterday I recommended using Muir Glen tomato sauce, but today I take it back. After reading yesterday's post, my aunt called me to let me know that tomatoes in particular are dangerous to eat from cans (most cans that is).  Bisephenol A (a toxic plastic) is used to line most tin cans.  It is used as a measure of preservation of the food, but at the same time it leaches into the food and contaminates it.

BPA has been found to be toxic even at low-doses and is linked to causing many health problems and diseases such as, breast cancer, prostate cancer, infertility, and birth defects among others.  BPA mimics estrogen which messes with the body's hormones.  The Environmental Working Group has conducted numerous studies and collected tons of research on the topic.  You can read one of their articles here.  They are thorough and well respected.  You can find a ton of good info by browsing through their site.  Tree Hugger also

In doing some of my own researching, I came across this article which mentioned a woman to wrote a letter to Muir Glen about removing BPA's from their cans.  Unfortunately, since BPA's are still legal to use here in the US, Muir Glen found it unnecessary to remove from their packaging (you can red the letter here).

Luckily, there are companies which are not using BPA's in their canned goods and tons that use glass bottles or cardboard boxes!

Here's a few companies who are on the right path:

Eden Foods

Eden Foods is really responsible and does not use BPA's in their canning.

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's does not use BPA's in their cans and also offers boxed goods.

Native Forest

Native Forest makes coconut milk in non-BPA cans.