I Can't Live Without My: Tarte Lip Stains

I love that this Tarte lip stain is moisturizing, colorful, and eco-friendly! The past week here in New York has been brutally hot.  I'm talking sweat through my supermini sundress hot.  Gross!

In that kind of heat I can't be bothered to look cute either during the day or in the evening, no matter what's on the agenda!  Nonetheless, I had places to go and people to see and chasing a toddler around, not getting enough sleep, and the heat were all contributors to me looking a little...disheveled let's just say.

But, fear not, my new Tarte LipSurgence Lip Stains came to the rescue.  I bought two colors and love love love them both.  They are supermoisturizing, stay on superwell, and come in some superfabulous colors.  They give just enough color to spruce you up a bit and if you don't reapply, they just sorta fade, but don't give you that, "I put lipstick on this morning and forgot about it all day" look.

And most importantly, these are made without mineral oil and petrolatum, without parabens or phthalates, without sodium laurel sulfate, and entirely curelty-free!

I bought the Amused and Lust shades.  Here they are below along with a picture of Mad and me wearing them last weekend.  Mad's wearing Lust and I'm wearing Amused.

This is my favorite color of Tarte lip stain. This Tarte lip stain is paraben free and totally cute.