I Can't Live Without: Giovanni Hair Care

Love Life and Lollipops- Giovanni Organic Cosmetics

I love these Giovanni Organic products. Historically I'd say I was never a products person.  Seriously, whatever I could get my hands on would do.  Since I got pregnant with Avital though I've become one.  While I was pregnant, for the first time in my life, I felt like I needed certain products for comfort.  And though it was strange (and annoying), I definitely felt better when I had the products I needed at my fingertips.

In my search for all things new and organic, I came across these amazing hair care products by Giovanni Organic Cosmetics.  They are supereasy to find (Bed Bath and Beyond, Duane Reade even) and totally organic and chemical-free, but they are infused with vitamins, minerals, and herbs to make your hair look fabulous (their body washes are pretty fantastic too).  Most importantly, they are amazingly well priced!

Here are some of the ones Liza and I use:

This tea tree shampoo from Giovanni is amazing.

This Smooth as Silk Giovanni Organic Shampoo is great for your hair.

This Giovanni Organics 50/50 Balanced Conditioner is great for all hair types!

The cucumber scent in this Giovanni Organics body wash is so amazing I could eat it!