How Much Candy Is Okay?

Love Life and Lollipops- Avi, Ike, and a Lollipop
Avi is sharing her pop with Ike, but how much candy is too much?

As I'm sure you all know by this point, sugar (specifically refined sugar...i.e. the kind found in Halloween candies) is really really bad for you.

Besides from the fact that sugar almost immediately turns into fat in your body, doesn't provide you with any nutrients, and is entirely addictive, it is also working against you in so many ways.

First, refined sugars leech minerals from your body.  In the process of refining the sugar cane, it is leeched from any nutrients it once had.  Then in order for your body to properly digest it, it (basically) reconstitutes it with the minerals needed to digest it, so you're providing it minerals from your own stores!  This leeching of minerals has been associated with anemia, osteoporosis, and anxiety to start.  Plus sugar causes us to lose B vitamins (important for vegans), calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Next, it raises your blood sugar fast and dramatically and throws off your insulin balance.  This quick changing up and down of your blood sugar is also effecting your brain and your hormones and placing you on an emotional roller coaster.  Mood swings here we come!  Ever had a "sugar high"?!?  And then come down (hard) from it?!?  Thought so.

And of course sugar rots our teeth, duh!  A friend of ours' dentist was offering kids some crazy amount of money for every pound of candy they brought in.  Proof in the pudding!

And lastly, sugar creates acidity in your blood.  While our ph balance should ideally be just slightly alkaline (apx. 7.4), there are so many factors in our society pulling it to the acidic side of things, sugar being #1.  This sets us up for lowered immune systems and susceptibility to viruses and infections.

That said, candy is tasty to most and especially to kids and especially on Halloween.  While we stay away from candy most of the year, there are the birthday parties and events where all the kids are having it and I don't want to deny Avi too much in the way of fun...  I believe that forcing her to abstain completely will push her full force ahead in a direction of curiosity and rebellion one day, no?  What do you all think?

I decided to let Avi (and Ike) share a few pieces of candy (the "vegan" ones of course) on Halloween night to celebrate and embrace the holiday:)