Holton Farms CSA in my building!!!

Holton Farms provides CSA's for many nyc locations. Holton farms CSA bring local, fresh produce and other goods to nyc residents.

A while back, my friend Bret wrote us a guest post on produce, CSA's (community supported agriculture), and Holton Farms (here).  Since then (maybe even before then) I've been totally into finding a local CSA to get me some superfresh and local produce on a weekly basis.  I researched a bunch of programs, but between moving so much and all the schlepping of Avi that I do, I couldn't imagine adding a weekly errand of picking up a box at some local church or community center and figuring out how to get it home.

Lucky me: my amazing new apartment building here in superfab and totallyliberal Brooklyn is offering itself up as a stop for Holton Farms' CSA!!!  Of course upon finding out I immediately signed up and am superpsyched for my first delivery (though I'm not exactly sure when it'll come).

I'm pretty sure anyone in the hood can sign up, just go to www.holtonfarms.com and follow the instructions, pay by paypal, and kabaam you're eco-friendly and totally healthy (ps- there are a LOT of other locations all around NYC, so there may be one near your apartment if you're not Brooklyn local).

For the rest of you, (and me) hitting up the farmer's market this weekend is a super idea!  I think I'll cruise by McCarren Park with Avi and Richie this weekend and make Richie carry home all my goodies!