Happy Friday, Father's Day Weekend is here

Love Life and Lollipops- Richie Kessner

After Avi's preschool graduation ceremony this morning we're heading out to the beach this weekend to hang with friends and Richie's family then hitting up my family on the way home.  In between I plan on wiggling my toes in the sand, swimming some laps, taking a spin class, hitting up the Sag Harbour farmer's market, cooking some of my sweet potato chili, and Twilight Friday at Wolffer Estate for some rosè.

This has been a long week for all of us with some big decisions we've made, finishing up a school year, and getting ready for summer among other things.  It was both physically and emotionally exhausting.  I'm excited and ready for the weekend!

What're you all up to?  Any special plans for father's day?

Hope it's a good one.