Happy Friday! NYC Beaches for us this weekend!

Love Life and Lollipops- Rockaway Beach Brooklyn

image via http://michaeldoig.net/226/rockaway-beach-brooklyn-ny.htm Happy Friday everyone.  This week has been crazy long, nonstop, top speed.  I'm psyched for a slow weekend.  We decided to stay local instead of running out of the city.  We haven't been home for a weekend in a long while and are looking forward to staying around Brooklyn.

We're heading out to Rockaway Beach with some friends tomorrow for the day.  I'm superpsyched to check it out.  It'll be my first time and I've heard some really fantastic things (also some really sketchy things, so I know it'll be a true Brooklyn experience!).  Apparently there is a juice bar and a bunch of yummy veggie lunch options.  I'm going to swim and eat and if I can catch a quick moment, read my book or close my eyes (though we all know there's no chance that'll happen;)).  I can't wait!

What're your plans for this weekend?  Beach?  Pool?  Park?  Sleep?  Oh how I envy those who can sleep extra on the weekends;)!