Happy Friday! Baby Bar is getting her name;)

Love Life and Lollipops- Baby Bar


This weekend we have Baby Bar's baby naming.  It's a Jewish ceremony where they do some prayers and then we all eat.  Kinda like many of the other Jewish ceremonies.  It'll be really nice to have the whole family in the same place and a ton of catered vegan food;)

I'm not so religious, but traditional and these events are such nice reminders of the deep history we come from.  Baby Bar was named after my father's father (Ben) and Avital was named after my mother's grandfather (Abraham).  It's nice to have a little piece of them with us in spirit if not in body.  Celebrating this culture is important to keeping it alive.

It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend and I'm psyched to spend it at my parents' house hanging by the pool and picking shells off the beach with Avi before the hubbub of the party.

What're you're plans for the weekend?  Any special events in your lives going on?  Or just a relaxing, sun-drenched weekend for you and yours?