Happy Friday! Are you ready to party? We are!

Love Life and Lollipops- Bobbie Kessner

Happy Friday everyone.  This morning, I'm running to spin before we head into the city to start the festivities for my brother in law's wedding.  Yup, the Kessner family is getting another Andrea (my oldest sis-in-law is already an Andrea Kessner).  She's marrying this guy:

They are a fabulous couple and a superduper aunt/uncle combo!  How cute is he with baby Bar?!

I'm so so happy for them.  Congratulations guys!!!  How adorable are they?:

And the best part about it is that we got our babysitter to help out all weekend.  She's going to stay with us and sleep with the girls and get up with them in the morning which means that we can not only drink and dance and have fun, but we can sleep it off too!  It'll be the first full night's sleep we have had in 9 months!!!!!  Now that's something to celebrate;)

What are you all up to this weekend?  We're going to round out our crazy weekend with a trip to the Central Park Zoo Sunday.  We'll all be superpooped, so hopefully it'll be an early night and Monday Avi starts camp!  So far this summer has been crazy.  I'm looking forward to things slowing down and enjoying some long, lazy summer days!