Haiti and Beyond

Susan Nichole makes great vegan bags.

In the wake of the oil spill, many of us have been overlooking tragedies in other parts of our world.  I believe we live in a global society these days and it's important to do our best to remain aware of the world outside of our borders.  We are very fortunate here in America to be sheltered from the harsh realities of life in most of this world, but it is irresponsible of us to ignore what's going on or worse to acknowledge it and provide no help.

Though I understand how overwhelming it can be just to comprehend what's happening in some of these places, let along to figure out what we can do, we are also fortunate here in America to have many many organizations and businesses that take initiative.  Many of them provide us with easy ways to help.

Susan Nichole is a vegan handbag line that aims to produce elegant and animal friendly bags.  Susan is a mother and a vegetarian who believes in living a conscientious lifestyle.  I stumbled upon her site today and though I wasn't in the market for a handbag, I did purchase one of her Haiti Care Packages.  For $15 you can purchase a care package which will be delivered mid-August to a Haiti earthquake survivor who's still living in a tent city.  It's part of their Handbags for Hope Campaign and each tote will be filled with necessities like shampoo, soap, towels, and other toiletries.  Plus, for every package purchased, Susan Nichole will match the donation!

It's certainly no huge contribution, but something small we can do to help someone in need, someone to whom a clean towel and a toothbrush would make their day and change their week.

And while you're at it...peruse her bags...they're supercute (I'm loving the LOVE bag, see below)

Image courtesy of http://susannichole.com/