Green Juice the day away

Love Life and Lollipops- Green Juice

I wrote about our juicer here when we first got it.  We had the best of intentions, but weren't sure how much we'd really use it.  After warnings from so many people about pricey purchases that just sat in their kitchens unused, we decided we were different and took the plunge.

Turn out we are!!  We totally juice almost every morning and love love love it.  Days that we start with our green juice are inevitably better!  It's not exactly the same every day, but I try to keep my fave green ingredients in the house plus lemon and ginger (organic only of course) so that we have some version of that juice that energizes and cleanses us oh so well.

Here's my list of ingredients:

  • kale
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • romaine
  • granny smith apple
  • lemon (with the rind)
  • ginger (I don't peel this either)

This green juice is light and refreshing, appropriately filling, and cleansing, and gives a fabulous burst of energy without making you feel dragged down with digestion first thing in the morning.

Here's how my morning goes (on an ideal day):

8a wake up and drink a warm water with lemon or some version of my lemon aid

Wash up, nurse the baby...

8:30a make our juice (often I make one for me immediately, one for Richie, and another I can sip in the afternoon)

Drink my juice while I pal around the apartment making the bed, getting Avi dressed, etc.

9:30a eat a small-ish breakfast like coconut kefir with banana and a sprinkling of granola or cooked oats with cashew butter and gogi berries

10a walk with the baby in the stroller for about an hour for exercise (some days I have early yoga at 9:45a, other days it's later in the day)

past that isn't morning any more;)

The juice though is the perfect way to break the fast of the evening.  It's easily digested, a burst of energy, and totally tasty and bright!