Silver Lining

Silver Lining Here's the silver lining:  Well, if there is one...  And I want to be the person who always sees one...

Moving to Scarsdale, and the burbs in general, I had my preconceived notions of what life would be like.  I was sure that life, interesting, stimulating, artful life was over.  I was worried about raising my girls in such an affluent area.  Nervous they wouldn't see real life...

But through this terrible time, I've grown to love this community.  I've seen how loving and strong and warm the people are.  How tight knit the community is.  How they care for their own.  The amounts of people alone that have come out to support my family and in-laws in particular is astounding.  And that doesn't begin to speak of all the things they are doing.  It's truly heartwarming.

It's funny where you find comfort when something like this takes you by surprise.  When everything is flipped upside down, nothing is what you would have expected.  In the blink of an eye your life is forever changed, shaken out,  and none of the puzzle pieces match back up.

I have found some of the new loves of my life in friends of Jonny's, their parents, and even old friends who I had lost touch with and came back to console me.  People who have been through similar things seem to understand me.  People I never would have imagined getting back in touch with.  There is an inherent empathy.

I feel blessed.  I do.  To have all these new and old people back in my life.  Close to me.  Helping me.  Silver lining.

And while my everything has changed, I've had a change of heart in regards to Scarsdale.  I think it will be a lovely place to raise my children.  If the people who live here are capable of giving so big, I know my daughters' hearts will be in good hands here.