Go-go Pops!

Last weekend we were at my parents' house in CT and I was craving a farm fresh dinner by Sunday night.  We tend to eat heavier around family and I tend to let it happen more than I used to now that I'm preggers.  That said, I hit a point where I need something light, summery, and clean.

I convinced everyone to trek to the farmer's market in Rye, NY with me and we were all delighted to find ice pops seeing as it was a million and a half degrees outside.  Turns out they were from a little shop in Cold Spring, NY where a very good friend of ours (Bobbie O'Steen) lives.  Bobbie is one of my favorite people and for some funny reason it made me happy to know that Go-go Pops were from the same place!

Go-go Pops are made from fresh fruits and veggies and are occasionally sweetened with a bit of organic cane sugar or local honey.  Dad and I had a mango, Avi had a strawberry with banana slices frozen in, Mom had a lime-mojito, and Liza had a cucumber-chili.  I of course tasted them all and each were delicious (I chose the mango cause it had no added sweetener and it was divine)!