Gasland Doc Worth Watching

Gasland was an amazing documentary about the sad state of affairs we are in with the natural gas industry. There has been much talk around the media these days around the subject of natural gas and hydraulic fracturing or "fracking".  There is an EPA hearing in the works about tapping into the Marcellus Shale which lies under much of New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.  The issue is that by fracking, they are inadvertently polluting water sources with the produced water (water mixed with toxic fracking fluid and sand).

Many many families are being affected and the state of ignorance and lack of caring on the part of the natural gas interests is really sad.

HBO and Josh Fox put together a fabulous documentary on the subject called Gasland.  You can get it OnDemand and totally should because Josh does a really good job about both having a good sense of humor about it and investigating the issue thoroughly.

Here's a sneak peek: