Frozen in Time

Robbie and Jonny

Robbie and Jonny Today so many people were mourning.  Not just us Kessners.  They were mourning like us.  Tragic deaths.  Sudden deaths.  Shocking deaths.

It is impossible to wrap your mind around such young lives being cut short.  What is the world without a person who was meant to be here longer?  Richie and I keep talking about how it's most painful to think about all the things that Jonny won't be here for.  Even more difficult to think about that than his death itself.  This was not what our lives were meant to be.  And families of thousands of others who died on 9/11 are in the same boat as us.  We sail together.

Jonny's friend, one of my favorite people, a boy I call Jonny's doppelgänger, a smart, talented, funny young man, wrote something quite profound today on Facebook: "...the bottom line is this: I know it's been said before, but Jonny, you are an absolute Legend. You've become something greater and more powerful. You're an idea. Frozen in time. An idol. Someone to look up to, to learn from, and to find comfort in. We'll be telling stories about you for the rest of our lives. Our kids will know all about you. You'll live on in more ways than I can even begin to list. You're not dead. You're just a different kind of alive."

It made me cry.  And smile.  And decide to see things better.

Thank you Robbie Fink.  Today you are my hero.