Flea Market Finds

Love Life and Lollipops- Bedroom Bookcase

To say the least, Ikea is on my sh*t list.  Long story very short (seeing as it's boring and ridiculous), they've screwed up the same order we placed three separate times now.  A month later (a month living amongst superfluous boxes)  we decided to be done with Ikea furniture and do things the way we used to: scavange flea markets and the like. I didn't go my old, faithful route in choosing new pieces for this apartment because we've moved so many (too many) times in the past six years and seeing as this is a rental apartment (and while absolutely charming and perfect, not exactly spacious) we'll definitely be moving at least one more time in the next few years.  In moving here, so much of our stuff wound up in my parents' attic (thanks mom and dad!), I felt that buying anything too specific (or expensive) for this apartment would be silly.

So I went to Ikea.com and ordered a couple large wardrobe-like storage pieces and not only did they look so cheap and ugly once they got here, they weren't even exactly what we ordered.  In a huff this past saturday I decided it was time to hit up the flea market.  Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene puts any other flea market I've been to to shame!  And I've been to my fair share of flea markets!  If you're ever in the neighborhood (or want a saturday afternoon adventure) definitely check it out.  There's tons of food and furniture and handmade crafts and vintage clothing and more and more.

We snagged two awesome antique painted bookshelves that look like they were salvaged from a farmhouse.  I put one in my bedroom to use for clothing storage and one in the kitchen and I'm loooooooving them.  They're exactly what I wanted and will fit into any home we have!

Here they are:

Vintage and salvaged furniture is best for the environment.

(ok yes, I know I have a denim problem...it's more like I can't ever bring myself to throw anything out.  I did build an entire business on peoples' old t's, but that's a whole nother post.)