Fitness Update: Soul, Soul, and more Soul

Image via As some of you may know, I've developed a deep love for my new found Soul Cycle workouts!  I've moved from once a week to twice to three times and I'm fully addicted.  I could go five times a week (if I could find the time and money;)).

The funny thing is that I was never a sweaty workout kinda gal.  I loved a good yoga or even maybe a pilates or abs workout, but never a run or dance class or certainly not a spin.  Now I feel like if I go too many days without a good sweat, I'm sluggish, slow, bloated.

And the faster and harder the class, the more energized I am.  It's changed my perspective on exercise and on life.  On a bad day, a Soul class knocks me out of my funk.  On a good day it enhances my high.

I love love LOVE my Soul classes and love that I go with my sister-in-law, Rachel, and that I've convinced my friend Ali to join us (she's hooked too now of course), and my friend Romney also started joining us!  I've dragged my friend Erika and Maddie and have been pushing my friend Erica (a different know who you are) to come too!  I love to share the Soul, so if any of you are ever interested at joining, holler!

For those of you wanting to go try a class on your own, here are my top 3 have teachers:

  1. Jolie Walsh- my first love
  2. Charlee Atkins- my newest Soul-crush (since Jolie left for maternity leave I needed to find my fix)
  3. Marvin Foster- unfortunately he doesn't often teach at times I can get to at Union Square, my home base Soul, but I've taken his class a couple times and they were uh-mazing.  Serious!