Fig Food Co. Beans

Love Life and Lollipops- Fig Food Co. Beans

Let me start by saying I love living in Brooklyn!  I'm constantly coming across new products and businesses in the area that I'm impressed by and psyched to incorporate in my life, kitchen, whathaveyou.

Juggling my way through the market today, Bar nursing in her sling, pushing the stroller with groceries in it (it might as well serve some purpose!), I stumbled upon a brand of beans sold in a box!  You may have read this post where I rant a bit about bpa's lining our canned goods and how important it is to be supercareful of where our food comes from and how it's packaged.

I'm pretty vigilant about soaking my own beans and pressure cooking them for dinner almost every night, but for certain things like hummus or when dinner burns while I'm nursing, or the rare occasion where I refuse to order in again and haven't had time to soak or cook beans, prepared ones come in super handy.

Fig Food Co. sells beans (and apparently soups too) in boxes!  Yay!  I snagged me a bunch of them and am now prepared for whatever my days will bring me!