Feeding Baby Jacob

Love Life and Lollipops- Baby Jacob

My good friend from college, Lauren, is one of the cutest moms I know and her baby Jacob blows her out of the water in the cuteness department. Here he is:  (I mean how cute?!?)

Though we lost touch for some time (as it happens all too often in life) we reconnected recently and are so psyched to have had babies around the same age.  Avital adores Jacob as you can see here:

Unfortunately, Jacob has gotten himself into a picky eating phase (as most babies do at some point or another...Avi's coming out of a 6 month one!).  I suggested a few recipes, but here's Avital's favorite.  It's healthy and packed with whole grains and good fats!

Coconut Brown Rice

Wash 2 Cups of Brown Rice in a medium pot by covering in cool water and swishing it around the pot

Strain it through a sieve and return it to the pot

Add 2 cans (15oz) of Light Organic Coconut Milk, ½ cup coconut water, a large pinch of Sea Salt, and 1 tablespoon of Light Agave Nectar

Bring to a boil

Lower heat to lowest setting and cover

Cook for 50 minutes

Add 1 cup of dried, shredded (no sugar added) Organic Coconut and fluff it in

Cover and let it sit 5 more minutes

Serve hot-ish (for babies that is)

Vegan coconut brown rice.