Feeding Baby

Love Life and Lollipops- Baby Bar eating avocado

Baby #2 is nothing like having baby #1.  In so many ways it's so much better.  But in an acute few it is beyond challenging.

I find that I have a greater sense of calm and compassion for the baby this round.  I have a softness about me that I learned through Avi's baby years.  It's amazing to be able to share that with Baby Bar.

That said, finding the time to be soft and patient with Bar is tre difficult amongst the craziness of Avital's schedule and whatever time I can find to have a schedule of my own.  In short, things fall through the cracks.

I have to admit, I kinda like it that way though.  There is absolutely no time for neurosis or paranoia.  There is no time to over think anything.  And I think that helps me make solid decisions, guttural ones, ones I can trust.

So...nap time is often disrupted, pajamas stay on all day occasionally, meals are often missed, and often at times, there is no time to prepare my own baby food (though I promise I do have some fresh, organic stuff prepared in the fridge for when I actually have time to defrost and prepare!).

More and more Bar is eating off my plate, from my finger, non-traditional baby food foods.  And she's loving it!  She loves avocado (see above) and it's raw, fresh, filled with good fats, maybe the perfect baby food.  She drinks my veggie soups from a little cup, shares rice crackers with Avi, and devours pineapple through a mesh baggie.

It's amazing to see how adaptable babies can be.  So easy and happy when you go with the flow and allow them to enter your life as opposed to living in theirs.  Baby Bar is happy and well fed, allows her sister to change her diaper for hours on end (see below).

Basically, the less I fuss, the more fun we all have!