Vegan Eggplant Poorboys from the Garden

Love Life and Lollipops- Vegan Eggplant Poorboys

Vegan eggplant poorboys are a fabulous change to our regular diet and were delicious straight from the garden. After the holidays we decided to stay put and hide out in CT for the weekend.  We invited our friends Michelle, Dan, and their son Ike (Avital's boyfriend) to come hang.  They stayed over Saturday evening and it was a full 24 hours of food and fun!

Avital was just as psyched to have Ike all to herself as we were to have friends over who were down for both sangria and a reasonable bed time.

My dad was antsy to harvest and cook from his amazingly productive garden, so we picked some beautiful white and yellow eggplants and some superbright tomatoes (Av and Ike each got one to hold and it took a while for them to agree to let them go!).

Instead of the usual compromise of Italian food (which is a clear winner for vegans and non-vegans alike) we decided upon eggplant sandwiches.  I found this recipe for eggplant poorboys and followed it for the most part, but made my own remoulade sauce from some Vegenaise, dijon, cider vinegar, salt, and cajun spices.

It turned out superyum and pleased everyone at the table (a selection of vegans, vegetarians, carnivores, and kids).

After dinner, Avi and Ike got a little crazy running around the kitchen, we fed them some vegan chocolate chip cookies from Whole Foods which only worsened it, so you can imagine the bathtime and bedtime process we had!  After 20 minutes or so of us trying to get them settled in their own rooms, Ike was asking for Avi who was still wrapped in her towel on my bed watching Beauty and the Beast.  We plopped him next to her and the two couldn't have been happier (regardless of the fact that it was way past 10p).  Have you ever seen cuter or happier faces?!?

Avital and Ike in bed loving life.