Eco Baby= Hot Stuff

Love Life and Lollipops- Eco Baby

Avi is so vegan and eco friendly that even her clothes and toys are earth friendly! I snagged this pic of Avi this weekend and thought: Now that's a blog post!

Although as she gets older it's harder and harder, I do my best to buy Avi as much of her gear from eco-friendly materials.  When she was an infant, her closet was filled exclusively with organic cotton clothing, but unfortunately as they grow, there's less and less of a selection.  So I do my best and am always pleased with myself when she's dressed to impress.

Here she's wearing a faux fur jacket from the Gap (which I try to avoid when I can, but for jackets and the such they're really the best), organic cotton leggings from H&M, and a hat from American Apparel made from recycled cotton (just like mine!).

The hat:

  1. Cuts down on water waste by using fabric that is already dyed
  2. Reduces landfill use by reprocessing pre-consumer textile waste
  3. Manufacturing process reduces energy and resource use

Now that's some hat!

She's even carrying around a tea cup made from Green Toys (an eco-friendly toy company)!

Hope you're all staying as warm as Avi during this supercold winter!