East Hampton Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Love Life and Lollipops- East Hampton Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Ok, so I called this spritz instead of spray cause I think that hair spray has a connotation to it.  This is definitely not a hair spray.  It's just a little sunthin to add a bit of beach to your hair.  The sea salt'll make your hair perfectly piecey and the coconut oil will keep those locks moisturized and smooth.  Plus the combination of both will make you smell like the beach all day!

After getting my hair dyed (for the first time since high school), Kim (my stylist who is also an amazing singer, she rocks!) spritzed me with a "sea salt spray".  It made my hair look awesome, but after looking at the ingredients, laced with parabens and other ingredients I could barely pronounce, I couldn't bring myself to purchase it.  But I got the idea stuck in my head...and as with many ideas I get caught in my head, it stuck.

That weekend we headed out to the beach with some friends and I realized the beach would be the perfect place to get some beach hair and bring it home!  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous so we took our combined four babies down to the beach for a walk and splash in the supercold ocean (just feet of course).  I snagged myself a (sippy) cup full of ocean water and was intent on making an "all natural" beach hair spray.

Seeing as coconut oil is just as good for our outsides as our insides, plus is smells about as beachy/islandy as you can get, I figured it'd be the perfect balance.  I bought myself a mini spray bottle at CVS, melted the coco oil, combined it with the sea water, and voila!  The only snag is I have to melt the coco oil each time.  I'll run it under a bit of warm water from washing my face or let it float in my bath tub before using.

And here's what it looks like in the locks: