DIY Bleach Dye Yoga Pants

Love Life and Lollipops- Bleach Dyed Yoga Pants

Seeing as I've been doing so much working out these days, I find myself walking around in exercise gear all day (not cute).  Generally speaking I'm pretty simple about my work out clothes: solids and solids and once in a while a neon sports bra to jazz it up.  I'm talking leggings and racerbacks and that's about it.

For yoga I'm a huge fan of American Apparel's high waisted skinny legging.  You can fold over, or leave it up (dorky like me), and they're comfy and soft and not too pricey.

The other day, I was bored in the house, and getting bored of my outfit, so decided to do something about it.  Generally I don't keep regular bleach in the house (I only use the Seventh Generation color safe one), so I had to run out to the market to pick some up.  I poured it into a high sided glass tupperware type thing and filled it to about 2" deep.  Then I took my leggings and tied them up pretty tight with a number of rubber bands.  Then I dipped.  I only tied and dipped from about the knee down and made sure it was pretty soaked.  I let it sit for only a few minutes before untying the bands and rinsing through some cool water.  Then I washed them and voila!

I got a little psyched and went a little crazy, dip dying some tanks.  They came out pretty cute too.  I may move on to old jeans soon.  If so I'll keep you posted;)