Darbster, West Palm Beach

Love Life and Lollipops- Darbster

Last night we went out to dinner here in Florida with our friends Casey and Michael to a vegan restaurant called Darbster.

We always have the best time with them and literally talk all the way through the parking lot until we get into our separate cars are are forced to stop!

Last time we were in town I found Darbster on the internet and suggested we try it.  We all loved it so much we decided to go back and totally loved it even more this time.  It's totally vegan with an amazing menu that spans from fried "chicken" to a handful of living foods (raw) options.

Plus there was a guy with his guitar playing Beatles and other groovy music.  It was totally perfect and delicious and I have a feeling we'll be back again.

And...after our last dinner, Michael decided to dip his toes in the pool of veganism!  Since he's dabbled back and forth a bit into his old carnivorous ways, but he's interested and intrigued and totally experimenting in a non-meat diet and I totally love it!