Cooking for the Rents

Love Life and Lollipops- Vegan Pasta Dinner

I made this vegan pasta dinner for my parents. The week before we moved I had my parents over for dinner.  They cooked for me for so many years and every once in a while I find the urge to cook for them in my home.

Pasta is always a safe bet for vegans and carnivores alike and garlic bread goes with everything!  This past time I made them some salad with a homemade mustard vinaigrette, fusili and rigatoni with chunky marinanra, and garlic country bread.  It's all super easy to throw together and all made from scratch.  Cherry tomatoes and onions cooked down for about an hour (or longer, the longer the better) with olive oil and spices for the marinara (I added some eggplant for this one), tons of Earth Balance with garlic and olive oil for the bread, and dijon mustard with white wine vinegar and salt and pepper as a base for the dressing.  Let me know if you want specific recipes, otherwise, enjoy the pictures!

Vegan pasta is easy and delicious and really filling.

Vegan garlic bread is the perfect compliment to pasta dinner.

Vegan pasta family dinner.

Dad serving salad at our vegan pasta dinner.

Vegan pasta face.

Me serving vegan garlic bread.