Coconut Water Wellness

Coconut Water is a great source of electrolytes. Last week I mentioned seeing a new doctor and some of the immune boosting tricks he gave me like using the neti pot daily.  Another daily regimen I've picked up that I'm loving is daily (or often at times bi-daily) coconut water drinking.

It's really easy to get dehydrated with not much more than your daily routine.  Life seems to so often get in the way of health and wellness, so some of these little tricks and additions to our daily regimen can be really helpful (and most often feel really good and yummy).

Coconut water is nature's sports drink filled with electrolytes (potassium, sodium,magnesium, calcium, phosphorus...).  It is said to have gastrointestinal benefits, aid in cardiovascular health, and have antimicrobial effects.  You can read more about the health benefits of coconut water here.  Basically, it is jam packed with vitamins and minerals and most importantly is it supertasty.

I drink both O.N.E. Coconut Water and VitaCoco brands.  I love both (my friend Caline claims that O.N.E. is more consistent tasting), but I usually drink O.N.E. in the house because it's not reclosable where the VitaCoco has a twist top which makes it ideal for throwing in my bag or in the stroller.  Also, I like the straight flavor, but my dad (who I got off Gatorade and onto coconut water after his workouts) prefers the various flavors like pineapple and tangerine.