Cloud B- Sleep Is Precious

Love Life and Lollipops- Cloud B Sleep Sheep

Sleep is precious, so are little ones.  Wanna know what's not?  When little ones don't sleep!

Avi's been a really good sleeper from day 1.  We've been superlucky in that.  Napping has been a whole nother ball game though!  Until very recently, she was not in a routine of napping regularly.  She'd fight it and fight it not wanting to miss a moment.  And I totally get it cause I'm not a good napper either (even when I need it...even when I'm sick), but it'd create a monster!

We tried everything and some things helped a bit.  Cloud B stuffed animals and the soothing sounds and lights they emanate are pretty amazing!  They create a calm and serene environment almost anywhere.  The first one we got was the Sleep Sheep.  Avi was really little and I think it was the only one they had out at the time.  It was cute and cuddly and had a variety of sounds to help ease her to sleep.  Since then the company has expanded and I can't help buying new ones when I see them around!  We've purchased the Twilight Turtle (which give you three color options for constellations projected from the shell onto the ceiling) and the Dozy Dolphin (which makes a variety of water sounds and from which a portion of proceeds goes to an organization which supports endangered species).

These make cute gifts and are total life savers in a pinch!