Clementine Art Amazing

This line of kid safe, toxin-free art supplies for kids by Clementine Art is really amazing. These days we do a lot of drawing, painting, sticker collage-ing and the such in my house.  Avital has found art and I love it!!!

What I don't love is all of the nasty ingredients so many companies we all grew up with and love include in their products.  "Non-toxic" is not so cut and dry.

Luckily, my friend Bret recently came over for a visit with a box of soy crayons she came across in Starbucks of all places.  I'm not a coffee drinker myself and prefer my local cafe for my iced teas, so I never happened upon these nifty crayons, but since Bret introduced me to Clementine Art I've not only purchased a variety of their products, but I feel like I'm seeing them pop up everywhere from my local Brooklyn toy store to Pottery Barn Kids.

All of their products are not only environmentally friendly and all natural (i.e. made from ingredients you know and are familiar with), but they are designed so well.  The crayons for instance fit perfectly into a tiny hand.  See:

Clementine Art Soy Crayons are perfect for little hands and totally safe.

They also make an amazing play dough and paint!  I love supporting companies that I know are responsible and looking out for me and Avi, not just trying to make a buck.

Do any of you have other suggestions for fabulous, earth-friendly, safe art supplies?