Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Everywhere

Chatting with my friend Stacey yesterday, we figured out that what being a mom of a toddler really boils down to is figuring out which snack is right for which time and always having that snack on hand (and enough of it for seconds oh and another snack for when they get bored of the first snack).  That's a big part of our day.  I'm still working on getting it right.  Often at times I don't have the right snack or drink and it's a serious detriment to our morning, but on the off chance I do have the right snack, all seems to be perfect in the world.  Good snack=happy baby! The other part of being a mom that is superimportant is making sure everyone and everything is relatively clean.  That also means having the right accessories on hand at all times.  Falling behind in the cleaning up game can mean a serious disaster in on the way.  You may think this sounds silly, but a simple pb&j can turn into a load of laundry, a trip to the dry cleaners, a hair wash (for the both of you), and more.

These days I'm totally dependent on (and by the way LOVING) Herban Essentials Towlettes.  They blow hand sanitizers out of the water.  I hated that sticky feeling they all have.  Plus, I always got the feeling I was just rubbing the dirt deeper into my hands.

Herban Essentials Towelettes come in a variety of scents/oils, are naturally antibacterial and antiseptic, and smell (and feel) great!  My favorites are: Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Peppermint.  I buy a bag of each and put them in a vase in my kitchen to grab a few every time I leave the house.  I have them in all of my bags and in my stroller.  We even use the pet ones for when we bring Sophie in from a walk.  They smell like lavender, so she smells yummy and stays totally calm!

Herban Essentials Towlettes