Champs Vegan Bakery: A Williamsburg Wonderland

Love Life and Lollipops- Champs Vegan Bakery

Champs vegan bakery is one of the best vegan bakeries I've ever been to.

Last week, with the holiday pending, and an offer in to my mother-in-law to bring some soup and stuff for the family dinner, I remembered that I no longer had a local source for vegan challah (a staple at the Jewish family dinner table).

Realizing that is was less than a week away from the holiday, I frantically started calling around.  Luckily, not too far into my search, I came across an article that mentioned a vegan bakery in Williamsburg that made vegan croissant!!! (Uh, yes: the one thing I've been dying for and can in no way properly recreate since I've gone vegan).

It's called Champs Vegan Bakery.  I gave them a shout and spoke to Brad who was supernice and totally up for the challenge!  Though it was his first try he made us four amazing and huge challahs.  Everyone at the table said it was even better than the traditional one!  I also went a little crazy when I picked them up and bought an apple pie and a blueberry pie and a box full of cookies that Brad so generously topped off for us.

Everything was Uh-mazing!  The apple pie was the best I've had in as long as I can remember.  Writing about it is literally making my mouth water.  Ok, cravings aside, it was all so beautiful and delicious, certainly worth a trip over there this weekend to get your sweet on!

This is Brad in his bakery, totally simple and vegan and awesome.

This vegan challah was even better than the traditional one. Thanks Champs!

These vegan pies were the best I'd had in a long time.  The vegan apple was maybe the best I've ever eaten!

These vegan chocolate chip cookies were delicious.