Sandy Situation Update

Let me start by saying that I hope you are all safe and spared from all this craziness!My Internet is limited, so I'll be quick. We chased Sandy down here to Jamaica for a close friend's wedding. We left the kids with my parents (first time for Baby Bar). Even though we missed the storm down here the aftermath was crazy with 20ft waves and crazy winds hitting the Negril cliffside even through the sun. Meanwhile the storm took a turn west and headed straight toward Brooklyn where we live on the waterfront. End of story, we lucked out. Everyone is safe and relatively untouched. It's been a long and scary few days away from my babies and parents. Thank goodness my in-laws are here to help keep me calm and sane. I'm still stuck here in Jamaica. Hoping to make my way home tomorrow. Sending you all love and safe thoughts!


Victoria is our turkey!

Even though Thanksgiving means turkey eating to so so may people, and that makes us really sad in this house, I still really love the holiday.  All the hoopla and pomp, autumnal foods, flavors, and smells, family, kitchen hanging, squash, brussel sprouts, pumpkin pie, the whole nine.

That said, the whole dead turkey thing on the table really makes us sad!  So in order to try our best to offset the imbalance, every year we adopt a turkey from Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project.

It's only $30 to save a life and support a fabulous organization!

We adopted Victoria this year.  She seemed the most Puritan looking...almost regal even.  Plus she's pink and for those of you who know Avi, you know she loves everything pink, even her turkeys I guess!

Check her out:

Adopt-a-turkey this Thanksgiving!

Nature and Art: A Fabulous Combination

I found this video through an awesome blog: Black Eiffel that I read every so often for design inspiration.  I fell in love with this clip and wanted to share.  It reminds me how special this world is and how worth it it is to protect it!  It also reminds me how much more of this world I have to see.  Travel plans in the works?!?  Richie always talks about traveling the Pacific Northwest! Take a look:

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Babycakes in My Brooklyn Bed AND at Disney!

Love Life and Lollipops- Babycakes Vegan Goodies

These treats from Babycakes were amazing and totally vegan.

I've mentioned Babycakes Bakery in passing here and here.  Babycakes is a refined sugar-free, gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, casein-free, egg-free, vegan, kosher bakery.  And it's damn good!

Every time we're out to dinner in downtown Manhattan I make Richie do a drive by on the way home for some post dinner goodies (thank goodness they're open late!).   This was exactly the case this past Saturday.  Avi and I picked out a box full of doughnuts and cake balls and hamentashen (for the bargain price of $20ish) and brought it home, straight into bed with pj's, and grubbed  (see above).

But that's not the only exciting Babycakes news I've got for you all!  I recently found out that Babycakes opened in Downtown Disney!  Read about it here straight from the horses mouth.  Or here from PETA.  In an effort to bring healthier options to Disney, Babycakes was one of the new additions!  And even better: in the place of McDonald's!  Yup they got the boot.  The world is making real strides when Disney World offers vegan cupcakes.  Yay!

Babycakes vegan goodies at Disney World.

A New Age and The World of Topshop

Love Life and Lollipops- Topshop Recycled Paper Shopping Bag

Since Topshop opened in Manhattan Richie and I have been a little obsessed.  The clothing is well priced and totally stylin.  Lots of it is vegan, though not eco-friendly or organic per se, but it is easy on the pocket and the eyes.

Here's what I will say for them, they give discounts for students (awesome) and their shopping bags are made from 10% recycled paper.  It's a great step in the right direction!

I hate hate hate the wastefulness that is shopping bags we all accumulate like crazy.  I do my best to always keep a reusable, foldable shopping bag in my bag for anything extra I pick up in my day, but whenever I forget it, I make it a point to reuse the  bag later.  I always feel a little better knowing that the new-to-me bag has been recycled at least once!

Top shop uses recycled paper shopping bags.

The Business of Being Born and Midwifery in Our Country

The Business of Being Born organic onesie promotes the eye opening movie. When I was pregnant with Avital I was obsessed with learning as much about the whole process of pregnancy and delivery as I could.  I read tons of books including this and others I'll review for you guys eventually.  I saw as many documentaries I could get my hands on and a couple I even dragged Richie to the theaters for.  And I dvr'ed and watched A Baby Story on TLC before many an afternoon nap time.

At the time, The Business of Being Born (a documentary by Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein) was just released.  Richie and I watched it together and were riveted.  I thought it was brilliant and I was so proud of what they were putting out there!  On the flip side, Risa (my midwife/aunt-in-law) was not so thrilled with it.  She thought it was a bit too extreme and it was dangerously touting hospitals as evil when they are not really something we women should be afraid of.

That said, midwifery is close to non-existant in this country and I believe it is connected to our poor maternity care and high death rates for mothers and babies (the U.S. has the second worst newborn death rate in the developing world according to the movie).  Almost everywhere else in the world midwives attend 70-80% of the births where in the U.S. they attend less than 10%...

Last week Liza and I had a free afternoon while she had the day off and Avi was sleeping, so decided to give it another whirl.  I was still impressed and think that it's worth watching for all of you who are pregnant, who's wife is pregnant, are ever planning to get pregnant, are ever planning to get someone pregnant, or care about someone in any of the above situations!  Please though take it with a grain of salt and remember that modern medicine saves lives!  But I'd rather live my life without it if I can manage;)  Hospitals and medicine are for emergency situations and by avoiding them when it's safe to, we can see a bit deeper into this amazing life we've been granted by nature.

Here's a tidbit of trailer from the movie:

Avi's birth taught me so much about myself and this world and life and family.  In those unmedicated 12 hours, I was enlightened and made modest.  It taught me compassion and pain and joy all bundled up into one mind blowing moment...  I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Was Einstein a Vegan or Vegetarian?

Love Life and Lollipops- Vegetarian Einstein on the Counter Menu

Einstein was a vegetarian, or a vegan! I've heard it a number of times before, but eating brunch this past weekend, Avi's kids menu at our favorite vegetarian restaurant (Counter Vegetable Bistro and Organic Bar) reminded me.  Amongst the awesome vegan kids options, it has faces of famous vegetarians to color in.

Einstein was the first page and a total inspiration.  I knew that Albert was cool with all those smarts and totally awesome hipster hair, but a vegetarian on top of all!

You know what they say: Great minds think alike;)

Oprah and 378 Staffers Go Vegan: The One Week Challenge

Love Life and Lollipops- Oprah Vegan 1-week Challenge

image courtesy of Oprah has notoriously been pro-vegan although she is not.  She has challenged the meat industry with the Mad Cowboy and participated in a 21-day vegan cleanse in 2008 with the help of Tal Ronnen (vegan chef extraordinaire) and Kathy Freston.  And now, along with her entire staff, she's doing a vegan 1-week challenge to show America that it's easy to eat healthy and break up your normal routine.

I think that there's no better way to teach people than to show them, so Go Oprah! (And your team of course)!

Maybe (for those of you who aren't) try a vegan weekend challenge!?!

Guest Post AND Giveaway(!): Rachael Honowitz

Glass water bottles are the most eco-friendly way to do and these add a little spiritual umph to your day.Rachael is an old friend who I met when working in fashion.  We kept in touch after all these years and both found the world of organics and holistics and reconnected over that.  Go figure!  It's always so good to know that there are not only like-minded people out there to share these things with, but loved ones as well! BPA- STAY AWAY WHAT’S OLD IS NEW AGAIN: GLASS IS THE NEW PLASTIC.

PROBLEM: BPA is an estrogen-mimicking chemical, found in numerous food and beverage products that most people use on a daily basis, including baby bottles, canned foods, plastic water bottles, SIGG aluminum water bottles (which also have trace amounts of chromium and nickel leaching into your water), and microwaveable plastic dishes and containers. The BPA leeches into whatever food or beverage you put in those plastic containers, canned goods, baby bottles, etc. causing serious health risks such as:

• Hyperactivity • Early puberty • Increased fat formation • Abnormal sexual behavior • Disrupted reproductive cycles • Structural damage to your brain

Almost all of our exposure to BPA is through the food supply, which means it’s imperative that we avoid BPA-laced food and beverage containers of all kinds and switch to GLASS whenever we can. Glass is the only known substance not to leach.

SOLUTION: One small solution to tackle this larger problem is to switch to BPA FREE glass water bottles. I stumbled across this amazing line of reusable glass water bottles when I was in LA this past summer. See picture attached. My Own Bottle makes these beautiful water bottles that have positive words etched on the glass (Namaste, Inspire, Believe, Gratitude, etc.) that charge the water and the person drinking it with positive energy.

This concept is based on Dr. Masaru Emoto's book, The Hidden Messages in Water. I highly recommend reading this book if you have never read it. Dr. Emoto is an internationally renowned researcher and a doctor of Alternative Medicine who discovered that water is deeply connected to our individual and collective consciousness. Emoto's research has visually captured the effects of how positive vs. negative energy can change the molecular structure of water. He proves that destructive thoughts and words cause ugly disformed crystals to form in water, while positive thoughts of love and appreciation form beautiful crystals in the water.

Please check out and consider making the switch from plastic and aluminum to GLASS. Not only will you help the enviornment, but these bottles are an incredible vehicle for manifesting positive energy. Like Emoto showed us, the positive words etched on the outside of the glass, will charge your water inside with positive energy and lifeforce. I keep the Gratitude bottle on my desk at work and refill everyday at the water filter AND keep a bottle full in my fridge at home, and would encourage everyone else to do the same!

  • My Own Bottle has superkindly offered one of our readers a giveaway of one of these amazing bottles.  Just comment below with your email address and we'll let you know who's won next week!