Workout Wear, etc.

Love Life and Lollipops- Lulu Lemon's Power Y Tank

I've been going to spin at Soul more and more these days and I find myself in the predicament of not only living in my workout clothing, but lugging around so much in my bag all day every day. I've been figuring out the right products and gear slowly, but surely, but so far, here are a few of my favorite things to keep me comfortable and light on spin days:

I've been wearing:

Here's what I need in my bag (aside from my spin shoes of course):

All that "said", all the hubbub, and it's still all worth it!  I love love my spin days.  I feel one hundred million times better each time I step out of that studio.  Soon I'll have it all figured out, get it down to a science, meanwhile I'm happy to try new things and find my groove:)

Review: Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner

Right now some of you may be like: huh?  Eve, of Love Life and Lollipops, vegan, eco-freak, holistic health counselor, avoider of chemicals high and low, reviewing Dove?

Here's how it went down, Blogher sent me an email offering me the opportunity to review one of Dove's conditioners.  I turn down a large majority of these types of offers as the products rarely fit into my scope of interest.  But in the interest of expanding horizons, I decided to take a second look.

And here's why I decided to review it: I think Dove is doing fabulous things with their Real Role Models campaign.  They're working of building self-esteem in the women and children of our country and painting a real picture of what real women do and should look like.  I'm all for that!

And more, I think that everything in this world is circular.  Energy is always moving and if we put the right energy out there it will come back to us!  Karma baby!  So any time I can support a company that I think is doing good things, putting good energy out there, I'm happy to support it.

That said, I do wish that Dove's products were a little more clean and chemical free.  Now that said, I have to admit, their Intensive Repair Conditioner works wonders.

Since I've died my hair (well half my hair) blonde, it tends to get a little dry and brittle:(  I use conditioner daily and try to keep it in as long as I can (I should probably be a bit better about doing my coconut oil treatments, but who has time for that?!?).

Until I tried the Dove conditioner, nothing really got it back to that supersilky, soft quality.  The Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner reminds me of the conditioners my mom bought for us when we were kids.  It's thick and creamy and really heavy.  It washes out supersmooth and works almost immediately.

While I wouldn't use this daily because you guys know that I'm a freak about using only natural products, I'll definitely keep this under my cabinet to pull out when I need a really good conditioning treatment!  It's also great to know about for if I'm traveling and in a pinch as I'm sure it's really easy to find.  Basically, as far as non-organic/natural products go, I give this a two thumbs up!

And if you guys are interested, they've offered a sweepstakes opportunity and a coupon.  Check it out:

Enter to win a $1,000 Spafinder gift certificate!



You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods:

a) Follow this link, and provide your email address and your response to the Promotion prompt

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This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winners will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. Winners will have 72 hours to claim the prize, or an alternative winner will be selected.

The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 9/4/2012 - 9/30/2012

Be sure to visit Dove® to get a coupon for $1.50 off Dove Hair Therapy products.

East Hampton Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Love Life and Lollipops- East Hampton Sea Salt Hair Spritz

Ok, so I called this spritz instead of spray cause I think that hair spray has a connotation to it.  This is definitely not a hair spray.  It's just a little sunthin to add a bit of beach to your hair.  The sea salt'll make your hair perfectly piecey and the coconut oil will keep those locks moisturized and smooth.  Plus the combination of both will make you smell like the beach all day!

After getting my hair dyed (for the first time since high school), Kim (my stylist who is also an amazing singer, she rocks!) spritzed me with a "sea salt spray".  It made my hair look awesome, but after looking at the ingredients, laced with parabens and other ingredients I could barely pronounce, I couldn't bring myself to purchase it.  But I got the idea stuck in my head...and as with many ideas I get caught in my head, it stuck.

That weekend we headed out to the beach with some friends and I realized the beach would be the perfect place to get some beach hair and bring it home!  Saturday was absolutely gorgeous so we took our combined four babies down to the beach for a walk and splash in the supercold ocean (just feet of course).  I snagged myself a (sippy) cup full of ocean water and was intent on making an "all natural" beach hair spray.

Seeing as coconut oil is just as good for our outsides as our insides, plus is smells about as beachy/islandy as you can get, I figured it'd be the perfect balance.  I bought myself a mini spray bottle at CVS, melted the coco oil, combined it with the sea water, and voila!  The only snag is I have to melt the coco oil each time.  I'll run it under a bit of warm water from washing my face or let it float in my bath tub before using.

And here's what it looks like in the locks:

Face First

Love Life and Lollipops- Naturopathica

Sitting here, letting my mask sink in, drinking my red raspberry tea, loving the pumpkin pie smell I'm oozing off my face, I realized I haven't posted on my skin care regimen recently.

Now I know I'm far from a beauty blogger, but I've mentioned my pregnancy acne once or twice and it's forced me into paying much more attention to my skin and everything I put on it on a daily basis.

I've always been very careful about my products being natural, organic (whenever possible), and chemical free.  No parabens, sulfates, etc for me and my family!  That said, it's not always easy to find products that are clean AND work really well.  I'm going to do my best to do some posting over the next few weeks on what I'm using and loving now.

This post is all about Naturopathica Spa and products.  I'm a little obsessed.  My skin was a disaster in the first handful of months of this pregnancy.  I was so upset and totally in pain over it.  I decided to visit the Naturopathica spa out on Long Island for a cleansing facial and a new skin care regimen.  Naturopathica is a holistic spa that has developed a line of products which are certified natural and organic made without any harmful synthetics.  Their products feel great on the skin and I'm always confident that they are totally safe for me and my growing baby!

Seeing as I'm a little uneducated in this area, I probed my facialist for tips throughout the facial.  Luckily she was pregnant as well and totally understood where I was coming from!  She taught me about how and when to apply, etc, and recommended some superfabulous products I've since fallen in love with (and freak if I have to go without).

Here's what she suggested and I've been using (with success and comfort) ever since:



Neti Pot and Sinus Health

Baraka is an eco-friendly company that makes products for sinus health. Recently I had a consultation with a new doctor.  I was looking for a functional medicine doctor as I've been feeling like I've been sick too many times this year and am just feeling a bit off.  The practice of functional medicine uses many many lab tests to analyze your nutrient levels, hormone levels, and much much more taking into consideration a more detailed view of your health.  Functional medicine is based on the theory that you are not necessarily sick or healthy at any point, but can fluctuate between (much like Traditional Chinese Medicine), but incorporates modern science to pinpoint why you are not functioning optimally.

I learned a lot by visiting Dr. Stephen Dahmer and though I thought I had a good idea of what I should be doing from all the reading I've been doing (and the consulting with my brilliant friend Kelly Brogan, another functional medicine practitioner), I picked up a few new tricks to add to my daily repertoire.

In aiming to support my immune system, he suggested I rinse with a neti pot daily and use a small amount of sesame oil inside my nose to help keep it good and moist in there during this superdry season.

Both feel great and I'm so so glad I've gotten into the habit of incorporating them into my nighttime routine!

I found a beautiful neti pot in my favorite health food store I wanted to share with you and urge you all to try it!  I've done it before during colds, but it'll surprise you how much more congested you are than you thing after having flushed it all out of there!

The neti pot and salts I bought were from a company called Baraka.  It is lead free and fired with food grade ceramic glaze.  The company is earth-friendly in their practices and you can read about all their recycling and eco-friendly ways here.

En Route To: Florida

Love Life and Lollipops- Aura Cacia Soothing Lavender Stick

This afternoon we're off to Florida to spend Christmas and New Years with Richie's family.  The whole family gathers there and we spend time hanging, relaxing, winding down our year.  Since we've become vegan, and more importantly, heath enlightened so to speak, travel has been a bit more difficult than before. Even when we plan well we wind up feeling tired, hungry, and bloated among other things!  Nonetheless, I try my best to ward off germs, keep us hydrated and well fed, and entertained throughout. Here are a few things I just can't fly without:

  1. Lavender roll stick- I use this under our noses to cleanse the air we're breathing (you can use any essential oil basically as most are anti-bacterial, but I like lavender for flying as it calms the nerves as well). You can also use it on the balls of your feel for an immune boost I've heard.  Through the feet it gets straight to your systems reflexology style. I also dab some on my neck and wrists and temples.This aromatherapy stick is perfect for travel.
  2. Dr. Bronner's Organic Lavender Hand Sanitizer- I use this constantly on our hands and when we sit I give the surfaces around us a spritz and wipe.This hand sanitizer is the best I've tried, not sticky, smells great, and works like a charm.
  3. My iPad equipped with movies and tv shows- no explanation needed, but The Princess and the Frog is a winner for all three of us: good music, animation, and story...old school Disney style!
  4. Miso cups, rice crackers, and kukicha tea- Just add hot water and you're good! And it blows airport food out of the water!  Hydrating, alkalizing, and totally centering! These organic miso cups are the perfect travel food!These brown rice crackers are the perfect compliment to miso soup on the go and completely vegan.I love this kukicha tea. It's roasted and tasty and superhealthy!
  5. Avi's GoGo Squeez apple sauces- Life savers in many a situation, these apple sauces are convenient, spill-proof, and a totally healthy snack on the go!  We found these in Europe when we were traveling with my family and couldn't lug 10 days worth of organic baby food with us.  These were sold at the local market and I thought they were brilliant.  They were almost impossible to find in New York for months and then out of nowhere we cuaght on and now tons of companies make similar products!  These have always been a favorite for Avi though.  I love how if she doesn't finish I can just throw the top back on and pop it in my bag no worries!This apple sauce to go is brilliant and perfect for kids of any age!


Aura Cacia Peppermint Harvest Mineral Bath Wow! What a long week! And as much as I've done to settle in to this new apartment, I can't help but feel like there's a million more things to do. Every time I finish organizing something I see something else I should do before I sit down.

I hit a point yesterday afternoon where my back and (randomly) my left heel decided they were done. I (reluctantly) put everything down and sat down. For the first time all week I actually stopped and it all started to set in. I decided before getting overwhelmed I should probably take a bath. And so I did! I set up my iPad to stream Law and Order SVU through Netflix, filled my new soaking tub with hot water, and dumped an Aura Cacia (I guess I'm really into Aura Cacia this week, huh?) Peppermint Harvest Mineral Bath Salt pouch and hopped in. It was amazing and transformative (literally: I came out pruned). I felt a million times better and was prepared to start my next task (refolding and organizing all of the clothing in my set of drawers). I'm going to do my best this weekend to take it slow, enjoy my new home, and seek out some new vegan joints in the hood! What are you all planning for this weekend?!? I hope in includes and indulgent bath!

Eco Gift Guide

Love Life and Lollipops- Eco Gift Guide

Hey everyone, Moving on from yesterday, I thought I'd share a little gift guide of goodies.  I think I need a little holiday spirit in my life.  These are all both earth and holiday friendly!

I love buying the people I love special gifts to show them how much I appreciate having them in my lives.

Here are some good picks:

This gift guide is great for helping find someone a perfect earth friendly gift.1. Mittens from recycled materials to bring us peace and family love $20

2. Priti Holiday Kit Nail Polish Set $75

3. Pendleton Eco-Wise Wool Throw $98

4. Maggie's Organic Cotton Striped Tights $26

5. EO Bath Bubbles and Salts apx. $20

6. Alternative Apparel Eco-Fleece Gym Pant $50

7. Fashion and Earth Bamboo and Organic Cotton Scarf $16

8. MacBook Air $999

Happy Holidays.

RMS Beauty

This RMS Beauty line is totally organic and eco-friendly. Okay, so I know I went on and on about Origins and I'm totally still using the products and loving them, but after reading No More Dirty Looks by Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt, Liza has been on my case about my products!

I've always been cautious about using all-natural ingredients and organic ones as much as I can, but there are so many more ingredients to be wary of than I knew.  So, slowly, I've been trying to change over my make-up (the face wash and toner I've been using from Origins are clean and organic, so I don't have to worry about those).  Yesterday I took a trip over to Woodley and Bunny in Williamsburg looking for some W3ll products that I've heard really good things about, but when I got there, the girl there introduced me to a line called RMS Beauty that I fell in love with.

It is a pure, organic, cosmetics line that doubles as skin care!  It is mineral based color and made from coconut oil which is nourishing, living, and rejuvenating.  On top of all that their packaging is all biodegradable, recyclable, or reusable!

It feels amazing in my skin and I'm so psyched to start incorporating it into my daily make-up regimen.  I've got a feeling I'll be back soon to purchase some more!  For now I brought home:

"un" cover-up (shade 22)

This RMS Beauty cover-up/foundation feels fabulous on your skin and it totally organic and eco-friendly.

living luminizer

RMS Beauty's living luminizer is the perfect amount of shine with absolutely no chemicals!

Beecology Giveaway!!!

Beecology is a totally groovy company that makes all-natural, chemical-free products for your hair and body! A little while back, my friend Erika gave me some products that her aunt and uncle were cooking up on their family farm, a product line called Beecology.  I honestly took them home and didn't open them for a while since I was mid bottle through some of my other stuff and hate for things to go to waste.

About a week ago, mid-shower when I finished my body wash and was wishing I had just a bit more to suds up with, I remembered the fabulous looking bottle Erika had given me.  After toweling off, I fished it out and popped it in the shower for the next day.

Though Erika had talked a good game on these products, I honestly didn't know what to expect.  It was a very small company out of Ohio, a family business without any real background in beauty, and of course she was going to rant and rave about them...they were her fam!

Nonetheless, I tried it and fell in love!  Now I know that a lot of vegans don't eat honey or use honey products, but these are some pretty cool beekeepers (read their story here).  And, their body wash and lip balm (which I immediately tried after my shower) were both amazing.  Smooth and soft and totally good to my skin.

Erika wound up putting me in touch with her aunt Amy and I fell in love with her too!  She was so nice and totally generous (see below) and someone who I'd totally be happy to support in the future.

Meanwhile, she's offering Love Life and Lollipop readers a superduper deal.  For the first three of you that comment on this post with a little something and your email address, she'll send you a gift package with a body wash and lip balm to test out yourselves!  For the rest of you, she's set up a discount code on her site offering 30% off, just use the code: lollipops at checkout!

But best of all, they are organic, sustainable, preservative-free, PEG-free, and sulfate-free AND they give back a percentage of proceeds to charity!  Here is what they promise:

WE PROMISE to give back. Through our charity web site,, we will give 10 percent (of net profit from all sales) to environmental and social causes. It is our mission to give back as much as good fortune has given to us, and we are dedicated to charitable giving that pollinates society. Beecology invites our customers to participate in charitable giving by asking them to go to and designate which charity will receive a portion of the profit from their Beecology purchases.
WE PROMISE to make every effort to create products that are ecologically friendly by using renewable ingredients that are kind to the earth and all living things.
WE PROMISE to strive to make our products as natural, renewable, and functional as we can without sacrificing quality. Although we endeavor to make our products 100 percent natural, not all of our products can achieve that level. However, all are derived from at least 95 percent renewable and naturally-derived ingredients like corn, soy, and coconut. As more and more organic ingredients permeate the personal care market, we promise to incorporate them as we ever strive to realize our goal of 100 percent organic, natural, and renewable products.
WE PROMISE to never waiver from our commitment to making products that are as effective as the artificial products of our competitors. We will make only those products that meet the high standards of our customers. We test all our products on a wide group of people, and never on animals. The feedback we get from our testers informs our formulas and processes, and helps ensure that we offer natural products as fine as any on the market.
WE PROMISE to manufacture products that are consistent with sustainable development, which requires meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Two important pieces of my life have now come together: a commitment to ecology and natural products and a commitment to causes that help our brothers and sisters while meeting the Earth's needs.

Pretty Cool, huh?

So comment and go over to their site, and get yourself some fabulous, guilt-free products they may just help save the world!

Beecology body wash is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or pegs!

This Beecology lip balm is fantastic and totally chemical free!