Catching Up and 21 Weeks Pregnant

Love Life and Lollipops- 21 Weeks Pregnant


  • Richie worked late most nights this week, so there was a lot of Eve and Avi time. I'm pooped!
  • We did some swimming in Brooklyn, Long Island, and in CT. Tri-state swimming. It was a must at 105 degrees on Thursday!
  • I'm pretty achy after chasing this wild child around all week and ps- forgot to mention: for the last couple weeks my gums have been bleeding every time I brush. Makes for a good and gory bedtime routine.
  • This week the baby is 10.5", 12.7oz (yes out of some 18lbs), and a banana (or at least the size of one they say).
  • Also she's not a huge kicker (though I get my fare share, but she's certainly a tumbler doing flips and turns...maybe she'll be a gymnast?!?)