Boston in a Weekend

Love Life and Lollipops- Mumbai Chopstix

So, as I mentioned yesterday, we were in Boston last weekend for a wedding.  We left friday afternoon so we could have some time in the city to hang.  We had a great time wondering around! On Friday evening we checked into the hotel and headed over to Mumbai Chopstix for dinner.  The food and drinks were all so yummy and there were tons of vegan options on the menu!

While Mumbai Chopstix wasn't a vegan restaurant, they had tons of delicious vegan options!

Saturday morning we woke up and walked over to Newbury Street to find a cafe for breakfast.  We came across Trident Booksellers & Cafe and had the best breakfast.  The menu was huge and you could swap any of the eggs for tofu.  I had the breakfast burrito (but switched the cheddar for refried beans) and was in heaven (I totally made everyone go back Sunday morning so I could have it again!).

If you're ever in Boston and need a great vegan breakfast/brunch, check out Trident!

After breakfast we hit up the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to see Under the Skin: Tattoos in Japanese Prints which was supercool.  There was also an amazing sculpture out front.  I'm standing in front of the Day sculpture and across the way is a Night where the baby has his eyes closed.  Pretty awesome!

Museum of Fine Arts Sculpture

After the museum we met my dad and Liza at a vegan pizza joint that was superyum called Peace 'o Pie and we had some pizza with pesto and a delicious buffalo "chicken" pizza that was spicy and delicious!

Peace 'o Pie was a fabulous place to grab a slice (or a pie) of vegan pizza.

They even made the yummiest desserts.  Liza and I were psyched for the black and white cookies.  Here they are:

Vegan black and whites are really hard to find.

After pizza we headed back to Copley Plaza and wondered/shopped around Newbury Street. I swear there were tons and tons of vintage shops on Newbury which was awesome.  Second Time Around had at least three locations on Newbury alone!

Vintage shopping is the eco-friendliest way to shop! Vintage shopping is the eco-friendliest way to shop!

Then we grabbed a tea at Wired Puppy which had tons of organic options for a pick-me-up before getting ready for the wedding.

Vegan treats and coffees!

We got home Sunday evening after a long weekend and it felt great to get in bed with Avi and doze off!