Book Review: Green Babies Sage Moms by Lynda Fassa

Love Life and Lollipops- Green Babies Sage Moms by Lynda Fassa

I read this book  (along with a million others (read:20ish)) when I was pregnant with Avital.  Lynda Fassa does a wonderful job of explaining the importance of being "green" for ourselves and our fetuses, but it's worth reading even if you're not pregnant.  She covers the gamut of topics any girl would and should be concerned with and suggests ways and reasons to avoid harmful chemicals and the such. She enlists experts in each of the fields to contribute brands, home remedies, and tips.  I found it not only enlightening, but extremely motivating and helpful.

It's a short and easy read.  So pick it up!

Lynda and her husband also own a great brand called Green Babies (go figure) that makes organic cotton baby duds that are uber cute (Avi had a ton of it for her layette).  Check out her site here.  There's a ton of great information and stuff to buy;)

Lynda also does a ton of talks around the country and has a great story of her own.  Here's an interesting article and interview with her from Planet Green.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the forecasted fabulous weather!

Green Babies Sage Moms by Lynda Fassa