Beecology Giveaway!!!

Beecology is a totally groovy company that makes all-natural, chemical-free products for your hair and body! A little while back, my friend Erika gave me some products that her aunt and uncle were cooking up on their family farm, a product line called Beecology.  I honestly took them home and didn't open them for a while since I was mid bottle through some of my other stuff and hate for things to go to waste.

About a week ago, mid-shower when I finished my body wash and was wishing I had just a bit more to suds up with, I remembered the fabulous looking bottle Erika had given me.  After toweling off, I fished it out and popped it in the shower for the next day.

Though Erika had talked a good game on these products, I honestly didn't know what to expect.  It was a very small company out of Ohio, a family business without any real background in beauty, and of course she was going to rant and rave about them...they were her fam!

Nonetheless, I tried it and fell in love!  Now I know that a lot of vegans don't eat honey or use honey products, but these are some pretty cool beekeepers (read their story here).  And, their body wash and lip balm (which I immediately tried after my shower) were both amazing.  Smooth and soft and totally good to my skin.

Erika wound up putting me in touch with her aunt Amy and I fell in love with her too!  She was so nice and totally generous (see below) and someone who I'd totally be happy to support in the future.

Meanwhile, she's offering Love Life and Lollipop readers a superduper deal.  For the first three of you that comment on this post with a little something and your email address, she'll send you a gift package with a body wash and lip balm to test out yourselves!  For the rest of you, she's set up a discount code on her site offering 30% off, just use the code: lollipops at checkout!

But best of all, they are organic, sustainable, preservative-free, PEG-free, and sulfate-free AND they give back a percentage of proceeds to charity!  Here is what they promise:

WE PROMISE to give back. Through our charity web site,, we will give 10 percent (of net profit from all sales) to environmental and social causes. It is our mission to give back as much as good fortune has given to us, and we are dedicated to charitable giving that pollinates society. Beecology invites our customers to participate in charitable giving by asking them to go to and designate which charity will receive a portion of the profit from their Beecology purchases.
WE PROMISE to make every effort to create products that are ecologically friendly by using renewable ingredients that are kind to the earth and all living things.
WE PROMISE to strive to make our products as natural, renewable, and functional as we can without sacrificing quality. Although we endeavor to make our products 100 percent natural, not all of our products can achieve that level. However, all are derived from at least 95 percent renewable and naturally-derived ingredients like corn, soy, and coconut. As more and more organic ingredients permeate the personal care market, we promise to incorporate them as we ever strive to realize our goal of 100 percent organic, natural, and renewable products.
WE PROMISE to never waiver from our commitment to making products that are as effective as the artificial products of our competitors. We will make only those products that meet the high standards of our customers. We test all our products on a wide group of people, and never on animals. The feedback we get from our testers informs our formulas and processes, and helps ensure that we offer natural products as fine as any on the market.
WE PROMISE to manufacture products that are consistent with sustainable development, which requires meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Two important pieces of my life have now come together: a commitment to ecology and natural products and a commitment to causes that help our brothers and sisters while meeting the Earth's needs.

Pretty Cool, huh?

So comment and go over to their site, and get yourself some fabulous, guilt-free products they may just help save the world!

Beecology body wash is formulated without parabens, sulfates, or pegs!

This Beecology lip balm is fantastic and totally chemical free!