Bark Brooklyn

Love Life and Lollipops- Bark Hot Dogs

My friend Michelle and her son Ike (a.k.a. Avi's boyfriend) met up with us the other day for some play time and lunch. Though it was entirely in the opposite direction of their home from where we were kicking the ball around, Michelle and Ike trouped over to Bark with us for some veggie dogs and fries.  We tried the Kraut Dog and the Bark Dog (with veggie dogs instead of the real deal of course) and some fries and natural sodas (don't tell).  Everything was amazingly delicious!  Avi and Ike chased each other around the restaurant and under tables and were met with smiles (not umphs).

Best of all, they're source all their foods locally (check out the Resources Menu on their site) and predominantly organically.  They're also super earth-friendly with a purified water tap for free water, compost and recycling, and Greenware cups and (I believe) utensils made from corn (a resource this country has more than enough of, but that's a whole nother post).

It was the perfect lunch all around.  Here are some pics from our grub session:

Bark serves amazing veggie dogs and fries! Here's where you order all your veggie goodies at Bark. Michelle, Ike, Avi, and Liza at Bark. I love this picture of Avi and Ike at Bark. A Bark messy kraut and mustard veggie dog. A Veggie Bark Dog with the works. Amazingly Delicious Fries, the perfect compliment to a veggie dog. Bark veggie dogs make Avi and Ike so so sooo happy!