Baked Better awesomely easy breads!

Love Life and Lollipops- Baked Better Bread

A while back (yes I'm a procrastinator with a tiny baby who hasn't slept in waaaaay too long= a bad combo) the supercool crew over at Baked Better sent me a few samples of their amazing bread mixes.  Basically you just plop the dry mixture plus a pack of yeast (provided) in a bowl along with a liquid of your choice and let it sit for a few in a warm spot then bake away.  Done and done.

The other day Avi was at my parents house and Richie and I had the afternoon and evening alone (read: with Bar).  We were lying in bed, channel surfing, when I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to bake a loaf of fresh baked bread.  Ha!  But really no ha!  It was totally that simple.  The bread was in the oven in no time and I even got a little fancy adding orange and fresh almond mylk and walnuts and a dab of honey (I know some of you vegans don't do honey, but I buy mine from friendly local bee keepers.  Promise!).  The end result was crispy and warm and sweet-ish and delicious!

I started with the Park Slope Staple which is just an organic whole wheat bread that you can do alone or add whatever it is you desire.  I still have the Dumbo Delicious and Cobble Hill Crave to try out.

Here are some photos of my Baked Better bread baking experience: