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Love Life and Lollipops- Miso Soup and Portobello Fried Rice

Miso Soup and Portobello Fried Rice While there is no question how happy I am to be here in my new apartment and new neighborhood, my life has certainly been turned upside down over the last month or so.  Between the move, holidays, and lack of help with Avital (my babysitter quit right before our trip to Jamaica), it's been really difficult to get back to business as usual.

Tempted by beautiful nights and tons of kid-friendly restaurants to try, exhausted by running after a crazy 17 month old, and lacking furniture to unpack the rest of my kitchen into (don't get me started on IKEA...), I've been cheating and foresaking home cooked meals for early bird specials in the hood and ordering in.

At almost the exact same time on Sunday night, Richie and I both said that it was time for me to start cooking dinners again.  I love being in the kitchen and he loves eating healthy...a match made in heaven;)  It was past due time for me to get cracking on some greens, whole grains, bean stews, back to the foods that make us feel good (even healthy take-out is never the same as homemade healthy).

So last night I did my best to juggle Avital's cranky hours and some miso soup with fried rice.  It certainly wasn't easy.  I had to move quickly and stop for a few deep breaths (oh and there was the time that Avital actually pulled so hard on my pants she pulled them down around my knees!), but I made it happen and we were all the happier for it.

The miso soup was made with a mix of barley miso and mellow white miso, cabbage, and sweet potatoes.  Then I made some fried brown rice with portobello mushrooms and garlic (Richie said it was his favorite version I'd made yet, but that's coming off weeks of eating out, so he was pretty psyched to eat whatever it was I put in front of him I think).

Here are some pics: (think Avi liked it?!?)

Vegan macrobiotics dinner Vegan Portobello Fried Rice Avi Eating Fried Rice