Babycakes Doughnuts at Liza's Engagement Party

Love Life and Lollipops- Babycakes Doughnuts

These vegan doughnuts from Babycakes are amazingly delicious. This past saturday evening, we celebrated my sister Liza's engagement with a big family dinner and then a party to follow.

We dined at Whym on the upper west side and while it is not vegan or even vegetarian, they prepared a fabulous vegan meal for myself, Liza, and Richie.  In place of dessert, Liza ordered Babycakes doughnuts which were superyummy.  For those of you who don't know, and you all should, and you all will as I'll definitely dedicate another post to them, but Babycakes is a vegan and gluten free bakery.

Anyhow, Babycakes is amazing, the doughnuts were amazing, Liza is amazing!  Here are some pictures from the night:

These chocolate vegan doughnuts from Babycakes are totally better than any regular doughnuts!

Even Bonnie and Jason loved the vegan doughnuts!

(Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Jason=Non-Vegans Eating Vegan Doughnuts!)

Liza and I love vegan doughnuts and are so happy to have eaten so many of them!