Baby Herbs and Oils

Love Life and Lollipops- Kessner Girls Bath Time

Last week I posted a bit on how much I love using herbs and essential oils in my bath time routine to ease whatever ailments I'm dealing with at that moment in time (physical and/or emotional;)).

Now I'm gonna go ahead and say this: it's even better to use them for kids!  Seriously.  My kids totally fizzle out with the right essential oil combo in their bath or spritzed over their heads in the car when necessary.

Though this is for an entirely different post, I'll say for now that I avoid pharmaceuticals and OTC's in my house as much as possible.  Tylenol and Advil don't grace my medicine cabinets, lavender and calendula do.  And neither of my kids has ever taken an anti-biotic (nor have Richie or I in years and years).

I believe strongly that you can cure most aches, ailments, and colds with the right combination of food and herbs.

Here are some of the big hitters in my house:

  • for calming and inducing sleepy time: lavender, hops, chamomile, sandalwood or any combination of those
  • for happy play time: orange, tangerine
  • for dry skin or any skin issues: 10-20 drops or so of calendula and a few of tea tree oil
  • for an oncoming cold or any suspicion of virus, fungus, bacterial stuff: thieves or medieval oils
  • for stuffy or runny nose: eucalyptus