Baby Gifting

* Eve is still on vacation, I miss her terribly and I'm sure you do too....she'll be back Monday, in the meantime, here's one last post from me *BRET* So, it seems everyone around me is having some major life event. People are buying homes, getting married and having babies. I am super excited for everyone, and one of my favorite things to do is to competitively gift give. I give  great gifts. Not kidding.  I take it really seriously. I've been known to be three months late on birthday gifts because I couldnt find the "perfect" one.....

At the moment, I've got three new babies on the way - um,  yay!

That said,  I have to take some time to find affordable gifts (sorry, newborns dont need $40 onesies, and my bank account can't handle that anyway)  that are useful and really, really cool.

I was pretty excited to discover that for the next 3 months Target (a mecca for organic and concious affordable products)  is currently selling The Little Seed, a line of  100% organic and harmful substance free baby clothing in cool colors, with practical design.  Nothing over $14. Soleil Moon Frye is one of the designers.

My new babies will love this stuff.

P.S. sorry for the lack of artwork this week. I'm a remedial user, clearly.