Baby Bar and I snuck into a NY Mag Article!

Love Life and Lollipops- NY Mag Moms and Tots Rock Out in Williamsburg

Frolic Playspace is one of our favorite places to kill some time, run and play, take ballet, yoga, you name it!  This past week, the owners Carey and Julia asked our little family to be a part of a NY Mag article that was being written about their rockin kids joint.  We were honored and psyched to participate.  Unfortunately Richie had an early meeting and Avi had a big day at preschool, so it was just me and baby Bar, but it was a fun stop on our morning of running around doing errands and whatnot.  Bar got to smile up the place and get googly eyed at the other kids playing and I had a blast watching her crack up in the mirror in between it all.

Check it out here and if you're ever in the hood, pay Frolic Playspace a visit with your little ones!