Babies babies everywhere

Love Life and Lollipops- Me, Jame, and Anna

So, as you all know, we're trying again to make a baby and have serious babies on the mind.  The thing is we also have babies popping up in our lives left and right (which means that thing inside me which is looking for a baby to squeeze is actually getting babies to squeeze every once in a while!). I told you about my friend Jamie who had a baby last week.  Here we are with adorable little Anna:

Jame and Anna were so adorable (though once I got my hands on Anna I wouldn't give her back.

Squeezing Anna was not only amazing, it made me superexcited to have another of my own!  It totally reinspired that notion in me that miracles do exist!

Lucky for me, I got to hang with a supercute little baby boy yesterday as well!  One of Richie's oldest friends and his adorable wife also gave birth to their first son last week.  Max is absolutely gorgeous with a full head of hair and is gonna be a real ladies man;)  Here he is:

How cute are baby Max and new mama Yael?

With all these babies in my mind and around town, I figured it was time for another baby essentials post.  Here are a couple great resources: is an amazing resource for all things baby and they even have a whole green baby section!  AND they deliver the next day most of the time! has tons of amazing eco-friendly options for baby and mama!

Giggle is an absolutely fabulous baby store in New York City and a few other locations.  They have a ton of eco-friendly and organic options and everything in the store is rated by a specific and thorough "Giggle Criteria".  They also have a great line-up of blogs!

Giggle has some amazing organic and eco-friendly options for any posh baby!