Around The Internet (feat. Me)

Me and My Craziness
Me and My Craziness

The Sweat Life is an amazing online publication that I've had the honor of writing a bunch for. Aly Teich, the founder, is a badass sweatheart of a girl and I love working with her and her team!

It was awesome amazing when Taylor Trudon from The Huffington Post surprised me by coming to a Taylor Swift themed ride and wrote an absolutely hysterical article about it!!!

One of the most exciting things to happen recently was when the girls over at asked me to be a contributor! Yup! Me. Martha. UhMazing. It's been really exciting and a major honor! These are a few of my first posts over there:

Oh and then there was POPSUGARFITNESS.COM. Sorry for yelling, but !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I think that's it. I don't think I missed anything, but things have been very very crazy busy in a fantastically fun way and there's much more in the works.

See you guys soon!

Hi guys,

Things have been busy busy crazy busy around here these days and I've been a terrible blogger. Sorry!! I've been teaching a ton (like a ton ton), doing a bunch of writing and a couple fun photoshoots, and we moved! Again! Life has been super insane and fast paced.

More posts coming soon, I promise, but meanwhile, I thought I'd give you guys some updates on some stuff I've been working on around the internet.

(oh and you can always check in with me on twitter or instagram: @evelynnkess cause I'm updating that stuff more daily).