Another Miscarriage

Love Life and Lollipops- Fetus at 6 Weeks Pregnant
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So...I didn't tell you all, and I guess for good reason, I was pregnant...until this past saturday morning.  It was really early and I was waiting to hear the heartbeat (which Risa, my aunt/midwife, was going to do at 8 weeks along).

The whole time I had this eerie feeling that is wasn't going to last.  I kept convincing myself that it was my emotions talking, that it was a defense mechanism, that it was silly.  Every day that didn't go by that got me closer to that sonogram surprised me.  To be honest, I was just getting used to the fact that the pregnancy may "stick".

I know that negative thoughts are not good for anything.  And I really don't think my thoughts were negative (more like just not positive).  I wasn't thinking the worst, I just had this feeling in the back of my head that it wasn't a "real" pregnancy.  Isn't that strange?

Nonetheless, I felt pregnant (supertired, back aches, dizziness, skin sensitivity...) and was taking very good care of myself (red raspberry leaf tea throughout the day, greens, protein, sleep...), but when it's not meant to be, it's just not.

It's amazing that the body knows how to expel (so to speak) a pregnancy that is not healthy early on.  I can't imagine what it would be like to go in to hear a heartbeat or to get through the first trimester and then something like this happen.

And since the last miscarriage, I've learned a lot.  Some 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage!  Some 20-30% of women bleed in their pregnancies (many are not due to dangerous situations).  Most early miscarriages are a product of chromosomal abnormalities.  40% of miscarriages are caused by the man, not the woman.

And some much more obvious things like: stress is arguably the one worst thing for a fetus, vitamin c and peppermint are both abortants, and nettles is a good tea for pregnancy because it's superrich in minerals.

I'm ok, going to keep trying.  Risa says that her and Dr. Garber (the high risk specialist OB she works with) both say that they don't consider it an issue until a woman has had 3 miscarriages.  At that point they start hormonal testing and the such.  Meanwhile I'm going to start some acupuncture treatments.  I've been wanting to experiment with acupuncture for a while and this is a fabulous time to start.  If for nothing more than stress relief, I'm sure it will do me some good.

Have any of you been through similar situations?  Have any of you had success with acupuncture?  I'd love to hear your advice and stories.