American Apparel Recycled Thread Hats!

Love Life and Lollipops- American Apparel Recycled Thread Pom Pom Hat

How cool is this hat that it's made from recycled thread?!? The other day I left the house entirely underdressed.  When Richie told me that it was warmer than the day before I  took that to mean that I didn't need to wear a jacket (plus the fact that the heat in my apartment is either on full blast or not on all all, so at that moment I was sweating through my tank top).

By the time we got to our new apartment to take some measurements (yes we're moving soon, yes again!, and yes I'll tell you guys all about it soon) I was freezing my butt off!  I dipped into an American Apparel to grab a hat and scarf or something and came out with a handful of new things.  I was most excited about their new stuff made from recycled thread!  I got the cutest hat minus all the guilt of buying something newly manufactured!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle people!!!  And if you do it with American Apparel, you can be hipster cool while you do it too;).  (Oh and here's the link to buy the hat if you're interested!).

This hat is totally cute and totally eco-friendly.

My American Apparel recycled thread hat it totally comfy.