About Me

Love Life and Lollipops- Portrait of Avi and I

Eve and Avital Kessner

Hi.  My name is Eve Lynn Kessner.  I am a wife, mom, sister, daughter, granddaughter, vegan, artist, writer, procrastinator, cook, activist, traveler, volunteer, designer, dreamer, believer, New Yorker, entrepreneur, sometimes yogi, all-the-time chocolate lover.

I have been a vegetarian for many years and a vegan for…well…less.  I came to find this vegan lifestyle shortly after the birth of my daughter, Avital.  I must give credit where due, Avital’s first year has taught me a sense of compassion that I believe I did not have the capability of understanding before her arrival.  Avital’s birth was truly a transformation for me.  To be honest, I surprised myself; no drugs, all natural delivery, healthy baby.

During my pregnancy with Avital I was very concerned with being healthy, green and responsible.  It was such a strange feeling to know that all of my decisions were effecting another person.  Everything I put into, onto, and around my body was directly effecting her and that really hit me hard.  I read every book on the market I thought was worth reading and drove myself a little crazy with information from those books, my amazing aunt/midwife Risa’s reading materials, and the various blogs and websites I found on the internet. There was so much I didn’t know and so much to weed through and decide what I wanted to integrate into my life.

Any mom can tell you that life after baby is no longer about you.  That wonderful, care-free, selfish life as you knew it is over.  It is all about baby, all day, every day.  And there is something really scary about that during those 10 months of pregnancy, but in those few second after she’s born, the world does a 180 and that fear, that your life is over and there’s no going back, flies right out the window with the immediate love that floods your heart.  More than a life changing moment, it hits you hard and fast and all of a sudden: Love trumps fear.  And…the yumminess that baby brings you makes it worth trading in your old self for a new one.  This new life which has such an amazing being in it to love and nurture.

At the time, I was a vegetarian and did my best to eat as cleanly as possible, which can prove difficult when the call of hunger is constantly in your ear. Honestly, I ate tons of grilled cheeses (not so healthy) and french fries (ditto). Regardless, my non-meat diet must have prevailed because my blood test constantly surprised Aunt Risa with high iron levels and protein-free pee (ask your OB or check out: http://www.babycenter.com/0_urine-tests-during-pregnancy_1699.bc).

After Avital was born and we got her home from the hospital, I doubled my efforts for all things in our home organic, chemical free, and natural.  Avi only wears chlorine-free, biodegradable diapers and has from day one.  We have found amazing organic brands of creams, lotions, and shampoos that leave her clean and smelling delicious.  We have only all natural cleaners and detergents in our home and cook with only organic, fresh ingredients.

Making our home and our diets safe, healthy, and chemical free is no longer a goal, but a necessity.  It feels good, clean, and ethical every time we sit down for a meal at home.  We feel light, energetic, and happy after a properly balanced vegan meal.  We feel heavy, slow, and lacking whenever we “cheat” (i.e. when we’re pressured by friends or family to ignore our instincts and eat white flour, sugar, or rice ). It is unfortunate that it is not easier for all of us from all regions and walks of life to live meat-free, chemical-free, paraben-free lives (if only this could be the norm )!

We are lucky that our community makes it easy for us to live meat free, chemical free, paraben free lives and it is unfortunate that it isn’t that way for everyone, everywhere, but people everywhere are spurring positive changes and that makes me so happy.

Outside of my home, I’ve bravely ventured through the world of NY fashion. First, with my vintage reconstructed clothing line, eve*lynn, which I started in college and grew into a thriving business when I graduated.  After three years I realized that no matter how much exciting attention or press I received, it just wasn’t ever going to be entirely successful without compromising my standards, so I closed up shop and took a leap into the world of jewelry.  In 2009, I started Kessef by Eve Lynn which sells handmade, coin jewelry from around the world cut into spiritual and universal symbols such as peace signs, buddhas, and magen davids and set with precious stones.  Both endeavors have had the intention of bringing people something they can love that lends meaning to their life.

I have always believed that the things we covet should have spiritual or emotional significance to our lives.  While Eve Lynn Jewelry has also gotten some fabulous recognition, it leaves something to be desired in the ethical/do something good for the world department (although happy clients make for a happy designer;).  I reached a point in my life where I was searching for something more significant to focus my energies on.

Veganism has given me that sense of doing good for me, for the earth and for my family.  Here, I hope to share some of my ideas, recipes, lifestyle choices, and open some eyes and doors for those of you out there “listening”.

Here’s to making every day and every meal count.  To saving our earth, fellow animals, and learning compassion through our food choices.  To reversing sickness, water contamination, and hunger bite by bite.